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A Global Alliance to Further Inclusion & Diversity,
Focused on the Development and Advancement of Female Leaders of All Backgrounds

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Collaborative WIM is a global alliance of CFA Societies, FPA Chapters and industry groups who have joined efforts to further our shared vision of inclusion and diversity in capitalism. Our collaboration includes ~80 supporting organizations across the US, Canada, Caribbean, EMEA and Latin America to demonstrate the commitment of the finance community to inclusion and diversity, and to support the advancement and development of female leaders of all backgrounds. Together, Collaborative WIM and its supporting organizations provide high-caliber programming, professional development and geography-agnostic networking opportunities to support finance professionals of all backgrounds in their personal career journey.

This is a grassroots campaign:

✔ To empower female professionals across all facets of the finance industry

✔ To support the advancement and development of female leaders, as well as to celebrate their accomplishments

✔ To establish a broad-based community and share resources to promote our shared vision

✔ To create demand for diversity

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Our Leadership

Sarah Yao

Sarah Yao Schutzman, CFA

Co-Founder, President & CEO
Managing Partner
Providence Heights Capital Management LLC

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Regina Gaysina

Regina Gaysina

Co-Founder, Vice President & Treasurer
Director, Municipal Finance
RBC Capital Markets

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Christine Tinker

Christine Tinker, CFA

Co-Founder, Secretary
Equity Portfolio Manager
Northern Trust Asset Management

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Arielle Bittoni

Arielle Jacobs-Bittoni, CFA, CFP

Co-Founder, Director of Programming
Chief Wealth Strategist
Refresh Investments LLC

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Victoria Prescott

Victoria Cherkashina Prescott, CFA, MBA

Co-Founder, Director of Advocacy
Associate Director, Capital Markets & Investor Relations
Realty Income Corporation

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Kharli Brockmeier

Marketing Communications

Tracy Miles

Tracy Miles

Web Development
Informatics, Security
Indiana University, Bloomington

Thomas West

Thomas West III

Web Development
Informatics, Security, Human Centered Computing
Indiana University, Bloomington

Our Sponsors

Our grassroots campaign has captured hearts and minds across the global finance network, and leaders around the world have dedicated their talents, time and endless passion to our shared vision. As of June 30, 2021, our global collaboration comprises more than 80 organizations across the the US, Canada, Caribbean, EMEA and Latin America.

Together, we aim to enhance and amplify the I&D efforts of our respective societies at the local level, while sharing resources and information to build a truly global community around this important dialogue. Participating CFA Societies and FPA Chapters alongside Collaborative WIM believe that we can achieve more by working in conjunction, rather than in isolation.

Thank you to the generous leaders of the finance industry who share our vision for a better, more inclusive world and work tirelessly alongside us to make it a reality. We are proud to ally with these global thought leaders to shape the inclusion and diversity conversation.

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Our Sponsors

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"On The Same Page" Quarterly Book Club

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Collaborative WIM in Partnership with Schroders Presents:

“Break Free from Imposter Syndrome: Embrace Your Confident, Capable Self,” Featuring Michelle Galloway, Of Counsel at Cooley

Q1 2021 CWIM Original hosted by CFA Society Indianapolis on 3 February 2021


The Myth of Fearlessness


"On The Same Page" Quarterly Book Club


Money and Its Mind Games: Women, Money & Power




2022 Outlook for Female Leaders

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The Psychology of Money

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The Power and Payoff of Non-Consensus Investing

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Collaborative WIM Supported Events

“M&A and the COVID-19 Impact: Crisis or Opportunity?” with Stephanie Cohen,
Chief Strategy Officer of Goldman Sachs
(Hosted by CFA Society Chicago on 29 September 2020)

“Gender Gap Investing” with Nannette Hechler-Fayd’herbe,
Chief Investment Officer of International Wealth Management
and Global Head of Economics & Research of Credit Suisse
(Hosted by CFA Society Switzerland on 3 December 2020)

“Hack Your Own Brain” with Dr. Karolien Notebaert, Founder of One-Step Ahead, Notebaert Consulting
(Hosted by CFA Society Indianapolis on 12 January 2021)

“The 10 Marketing Tools You Never Knew You’ve Always Needed“ with Sheryl Hickerson, CEO, Females and Finance
(Hosted by FPA Austin on 12 January 2021)

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